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Who we Are

Omni United is one of the most dynamic and design-driven tyre companies in the world. Founded in Singapore in 2003 by G.S. Sareen, we are a tyre designer, manufacturer and distributor that has deep rooted values of being sustainable and giving back to society.

We offer a wide range of consumer and commercial products with unparalleled logistics solutions and multi-lingual customer service. We have a global footprint and our products are sold in over 50 countries. Our portfolio of brands include our in-house brands such as Radar Tyres, Patriot Tires, American Tourer and Tecnica as well as other licensed and private brands.

research & development

Our Research & Development team is passionate about innovation and our designers and engineers are constantly seeking new ways to provide the best value by combining form and function. Based out of our headquarters in Singapore, our R&D team uses the latest techniques, know-how and software in the design and development process. We also work with leading testing and regulatory bodies such as TUV, RDW and Test World Finland for testing and certification of our products.

~184 Trade
~166 Design

Our Design Philosophy


We provide our customers the best value in the form of quality, reliability and flexibility. Our team of engineers use the latest know-how, materials and state-of-the-art technology to make products that our consumers can count on. We have a manufacturing footprint that comprises 14 facilities spanning across 4 countries. Each facility is a strategic centre of excellence. This enables us to provide, both speed and flexibility to our customers. We can go from Design to Market in under 6 months.

To further ensure consistency of quality in our manufacturing we periodically conduct both internal and external audits through world class audit firms.

We our conscious of the impact that our manufacturing has on the environment. Hence we manufacture in compliance with the highest regulatory certifications. We also use PAH free oils in our products and comply with stringent European and worldwide tyre manufacturing and quality standards.

~14 manufacturing
locations in 4 countries
~16 Yearly
~9 Global


We have multiple distribution centres that provide speed and efficiency to our customers enabling our order to shipment to be under 20 days. In the USA we have our own distribution network in California and Texas, through which we serve independent retailers and provide domestic fill-ins up to 4 times a day. This enables us to reach our customers faster.

our global footprint

Our products are sold in over 50 countries through our different sales offices and our centralised and multi-lingual customer service team provides a smooth and friendly experience to our customers.