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Since our inception, we have stood for certain values that define who we are as an organisation, what we do and most importantly how we do it. Over the years these values have become deep rooted and they show in our thinking, our process, our work culture and how we interact with our customers and suppliers. We are proud of our value system and today, they shape and define us.

Lead By Example

We believe in leading by example and walking our talk. We demonstrate this through our industry first-ever partnerships for product development, social causes and sustainable approach.

Move with Speed

Speed is in our DNA. As an organisation we believe in being proactive in our approach and moving fast, from our decision making, product development and time to market, to identifying trends early.

Passion for Innovation

Innovation is a continuous process that needs nurturing. We believe in fostering an environment where new ideas and creativity is encouraged. This leads to a culture where innovation can thrive and be seen across our products and processes.

Giving Back

We have always believed in giving back to the society and the environment. This has been done through numerable initiatives, Including our multi-year partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and by maintaining Radar Tyres as a manufactured carbon neutral brand.

Belief in People

We believe that our employees are our greatest assets. We encourage an entrepreneurial environment where each and every individual is empowered to share new ideas, question the status quo and make decisions. We encourage an environment where it is ok to make mistakes so employees can think and act on their feet and not let fear of failure stop them from trying something new.

Fostering Diversity

We are currently doing business in over 50 countries, this makes us a global organisation that has a diverse outlook. We foster a multi-cultural environment where people from different countries, ethnicities and races thrive and work together to achieve the organisations common goals.