The “Rookie” Daely Pentico And Radar Tires Nab First Truck Podium In Pro 2 Lucas Oil Midwest Short Course League’s 3rd Annual Erx Off-Road National

TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN, July 19th, 2018 – While Radar Tires is no stranger to off-road racing; with the company entering motorsports in 2013 and seeing much success in their desert programs, they are new to the PRO 2 class, something they’ve been eyeing for years. After a strong showing in their debut in PRO 2 with Daely Pentico and the #36 Radar Tires/Humblecock Clothing-sponsored DPR team at Crandon, the team headed to Elk River, Minnesota to the shortest, but most punishing track of the season. With more than 5,000 fans in attendance, the largest off-road weekend in the Twin Cities did not disappoint.

“When we entered into the motorsports world in 2013, it was a proving ground for the quality of our Renegade products against the competition,” said Scott Rhodes, Vice President of Sales, Omni United USA. “We’ve continued to be successful in multiple avenues, series and areas of racing and have always wanted the chance to showcase our products at the PRO 2 level.”

Major elevation changes, along with the split lane track, sandy traps throughout and jumps that keep you in the air more time than you’re on the ground made for a challenging weekend. Mother nature once again threatened the schedule for rounds 3 and 4, with the Thursday practice round being canceled. Friday conditions were hot and sunny, allowing for the event to proceed as scheduled.

Pentico qualified 6th fastest out of a stacked 12-truck field during his first time on the track in the PRO 2. The inversion draw had the Rookie starting on the Pole. At the start, he seized the holeshot, but caught dirt entering the second turn, rolling the truck all the way over. With a spectacular full rotation, smooth enough to keep his truck intact, he ended up on the back bumper of teammate Kincaid. Coming out of the incident sitting in fifth place, Pentico continued to chase the leaders for multiple laps. He pulled off a 4th place, finishing, nearly missing a podium spot.

After some grooving changes were made, on Sunday Pentico posted the second-fastest time in qualifying, and with the invert started on the second row for the main event. Right off the start he tucked ahead of Kincaid and roosted Chad Hord on his way by, settling into 2nd place in the first turn. He caught up to the leader Mike Vanden Heuvel and was pushing for the lead when a caution brought the race to a pause. Shortly after the restart, Pentico once again hooked a rut and found himself up and over on the “k-turn” before the finish line. A caution flag was waved and safety crews got Pentico back on all fours. He was able to race on and he caught up to the field for another restart.

“I got crazy side bite, my Radar Tires were hooking up, so I can’t blame them!” said Pentico. “They told me to keep it on all fours on Sunday and I said no promises”.

Pentico found himself at the back of the pack but didn’t lose determination. Over the next few laps he took advantage of mistakes and systematically made his way around his competitors. With three laps to go, another caution brought the pack back together and gave Daely, who was running 5th at the time, the chance to make a late push for the podium. Pentico was shuffled into the roost on the restart, but quickly regained ground and with a double pass and another drivers unfortunate crash, he was able to move into the podium position. With one lap to go, Pentico ran out of time to make passes but scored his first podium of the season in come-from-behind fashion.

“I’m really stoked to be up here; I haven’t been up here since last year in the super buggy,” Pentico celebrated on the podium. “I got a win and a second then, so I’m pretty pumped to come home with hardware this season. I powered through all the way from the back to the front and had good battles with everyone, these guys are the best in the business. Thanks to all my sponsors and team for making it happen”.

The #36 Radar Tires/Humblecock Clothing PRO 2 is equipped with 35×12.50R17 Radar Renegade MTs. Despite the calamity so far this season, Pentico has strung together three consistent finishes. Consistency wins championships, and Pentico’s early season success has him sitting 2nd in the PRO 2 championship points. He’ll look to improve his position when the Midwest Short Course League heads to the U.P. for Rounds 5&6 at Bark River International Raceway on August 10-12.

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