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French Government Ordered by the Court to act on Climate Change within Nine Months

The top administrative court of France has ordered its government to take all possible measures within the next nine months, between now and 31 March 2022, to meet its climate crisis targets. Failing to do so, they will face hefty penalties & fines. The council of state ruling mentioned that the government did not have an appeal opportunity. As France is not in line with meeting its goal of 40% reduction in emission level from 1990 by 2030.

A spokesperson stated that the state’s actions would be accessed after the deadline which falls a day prior to round one of the presidential poll, in which Emmanuel Macron is seeking a re-election. A fine could be imposed if deemed necessary.

MEP and former mayor of the northern coastal town of Grande-Synthe, Damien Carême said, the ruling passed was a historic one and it is the first time ever France has been ordered to act upon climate change. He hoped that this will being an end to the governments “lethargy, hypocrisy and cynicism and the lack of action and ambition which is putting our joint futures in danger.”

Greenpeace France stated that this is an ultimatum towards the government’s inaction towards meeting its climate change targets. The emission decline rate between 2015 & 2018, was half as fast as needed to meet the 2030 target.

Prime minister Jean Castex’ office stated that they have noted the decision, and it reinforces its dedication to speeding up the reduction of emission with various measures. Despite the multiple warnings, the government has failed terribly in this aspect, therefore, Macron has been criticized for his failure in meeting the France-Paris agreement targets on climate change.

The State Council in November 2020 ruled that France climate goals were legally binding hence giving the government an extra 3 months to demonstrate that its climate policies would help meet the goals.